Claire Godbee

Claire Godbee is an artist based out of Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the spring of 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She is continuing her work and studies in Birmingham, Alabama. While continuing to work with acrylic and oil, she is also exploring new materials and developing new skills. Claire completed her first mural at Roots & Revelry in Birmingham, Alabama in January of 2017. She is currently working on a new mural in another restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama and hopes to continue to complete murals around the city.

"I aim to portray the deeply rooted connection between the order of nature and the human psyche; emulating energies and mimicking vibrations. I fabricate organic forms that represent life force, harmony with hardship and the memories and histories that reside. My work embodies growth, individuality, unity, and purpose."

"I am creating environments that reflect reoccurring patterns in nature and their interaction with and resemblance of humanity. There is a deeply rooted connection between the order of nature and the human psyche. Through this relationship I juxtapose perfectionism with incompleteness, birth with death, hope with the impossible. By removing my subjects from their natural environments and placing them in my own, I reveal them in raw form and intend for them to stand as artifacts. These artifacts mimic and preserve not only the reality (truth) of nature, but also the spiritual ramifications that these forms and the art experience hold for me."